We Come In Pieces | Robot

We Come In Pieces – Was the concept we got for a group project at Campus i12 back in 2014.

We could make whatever we wanted as long it had a story, 3D elements and could be composite on live footage.

The group contained of following artists:

               Kristian Östberg        -         Compositing           -           Now; Freelance Motion Designer, Stockholm.

               Linus Lindblom          -         Compositing           -           Now; Nuke Compositor at ILP, Stockholm.

               Viktor Eriksson          -         Compositing           -           Now; Nuke Compositor at Rapid Images, Gothenburg.

               Charlie Filmberg        -         3D generalist          -           Now; Technical Animatior at MPC, London.           

               Erik Tylberg              -         3D generalist          -           Now; 3D Artist at ILP, Stockholm.